Rubber flooring

Duraflor® rubber flooring’s offers excellent resilience, endurance and dimensional stability thus making it the obvious choice for all of your flooring needs. With Zenith’s R&D facilities continually refining its manufacturing process, you are assured to get a high quality product that will serve you for years to come.

Duraflor® provides maximum underfoot comfort with a high aesthetic appeal. It is more comfortable to walk on than other hard surface flooring. Duraflor® products also minimize the noise created by footsteps and wheeled traffic

Duraflor® rubber flooring is highly slip retardant and can mitigate the risks of slips and falls in high traffic areas. It is recommended for floor coverings in areas such as metros, trains and buses. Due to its soft rubber base it acts like anti-fatigue flooring, making it the ideal choice also for school, hospitals and gymnasiums, shopping malls.

Duraflor® rubber flooring specially designed to protect floor surface & can be either loosely laid or bonded to the floor. Duraflor® rubber flooring offers an exciting contemporary look. Our speckle collection with more than 25 colours is suitable for schools & hotel lobby corridor, lifts, shops & commercial complex.

Duraflor® rubber flooring saves your money as maintenance cost is very less compared to most of the other flooring with hard surface floorings and carpets. It is scratch resistant and can be cleaned easily with widely available cleaners. There is no need for waxing, polishing, scrubbing, sanding or refinishing.

Duraflor® gives luxurious look to your flooring and has exceptional sound proofing qualities that make it specially suitable for cooperative buildings, hotel rooms.

Duraflor® is available in a wide range of colors and designs to make sure that your surroundings look just the way you want them. We also give our customers the options of ordering custom colors thereby providing them with the opportunity of total satisfaction. Duraflor® rubber flooring with proper choice of colors will give realistic wood look with benefits of a synthetic floor, hygienic, antibacterial properties.

Duraflor® flooring range includes innovative rubber flooring supplied in either tiles or rolls.

Duraflor®flooring range offers many varieties of colors in Solids, Marbles & Speckle designs with smooth or sanding backing as per requirement of customer. You can match combination of colors in speckles design as per your interior demand. Match your flooring design with your walls & furniture colors it will give a classic look to your home as well as office.

Duraflor® Rubber Floorings provides quality rubber solutions to satisfy customers needs worldwide.