Jewellery Rubber Compound

Zenith Introduces premium rubber compounds for Jewellery moulding applications, they are superior in quality, being ideal it can be easily packed, cut and used. It is manufactured with meticulous attention paid at every step of the process, which is a delicate and intricate one with quality checks at regular intervals.

Our superior quality jewellery molding rubber offers extreme tear and tensile strength for every application including spirals, cores, cut outs and plugs as well as for general purpose use.

The waxes produced are smooth and have a high shine finish enabling quicker cleaning and reducing the need of polishing the finished castings. It also minimises the need of powders or sprays.

Although the molds are easy to cut, they resist tearing as they are complex molds designed to last long. It also does not result in the discolouring of the models and allows us to produce extremely light weight, delicate and filigree pieces without over filling.

The molds are ideal for vaccum wax injectors, they seal excellently thereby creating a vaccum for better filling and Ideal for reproducing intricate detail and maintaining close tolerances.The ultimate success of a finished piece of jewellery depends on the quality of the original master model. A superior model will make the difference between a nice piece of jewellery and a great piece of jewellery.

Technical Specification

Jewellery Rubber Compound
Sr No. Parameter J1-A J1-B
1 Shore A Hardness 38 38
2 Specific Gravity - gm/cc 1.27 1.27
3 Vulcanizes at 152°C 30 min 152°C 30 min
4 Rubber Shrinkage 1.95% 1.95%
5 Elongation at Break,% 800% 900%
6 Tensile Strength, kg/cm2 205 kg/cm2 190 kg/cm2
7 Tear Strength, kg/cm 26 n/mm 31 n/mm
8 Resiliance 62 64
9 Color Orange Orange