Combi Rubber Sheeting

Combi rubber is a multi-layer rubber sheet design specifically for the mining/quarry industry to protect the material handling plant and equipment from wear, tear, and impact.

The top and bottom layers have high abrasion resistance and are cut to withstand rough mining materials. The inner layer provides extra support and increased glide while moving materials. It can be used as a belt cleaning device on either side conveyor belt to wipe off dust and wet slurries to avoid carrying back and building up on rollers. The harder black rubber protects the softer red rubber to provide a durable and hard-wearing solution.

Product Dimension

Combi Rubber Sheets
Features Superior resistance to dry abrasion and high impact. Low friction on conveyor belt, Excellent cut and gouge properties when sharp, heavy coarse particles are present. Unique two colour abrasion-resistant compounds enable handling mining material and inner layer support to mining material.
Applications Scrapper system, vibratory feeders, distribution bins and sumps.
Finish Type Both sides smooth finish.
Standard Thickness 6 mm to 50 mm
Standard Length 10 Mtr, 33 Ft, 11 Yard
Standard Width 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 2 Mtr, 48" / 54" / 60" / 79" inches
Technical Specification
Code Specific Gravity Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation Polymer Abras. TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2(min) % (min) mm3
Abra-Combi 6045 1.15 60/45/60 150 500 NR/SBR 120-130
Abra-Combi 7550 1.25 75/50/75 70 300 NR/SBR 180-200


  1. Custom width and length is available on request
  2. Custom colours available on request