Skirtboard Rubber Sheeting

Skirt Board rubber sheets play a crucial role in the mining industry, serving as a sealing and protective solution. Made from durable rubber compounds, they resist wear and tear, providing an effective barrier against material spillage and dust emission from conveyor belts. The sheets are highly flexible, adapting to conveyor contours, and exhibit excellent impact and chemical resistance. Skirt rubber sheets find widespread application as conveyor belt skirting, creating a tight seal between the belt and loading chutes, preventing material escape and reducing dust generation.

Skirt Board rubber sheets act as shield against impact damage, prolonging the conveyor belt's life. Moreover, their noise reduction properties contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. In summary, skirt rubber sheets are indispensable in mining operations, ensuring efficient material handling, dust control, and environmental protection.

Product Dimension

Abra-Skirt Rubber Sheets
Features Excellent abrasion & wear resistance, Low friction, Resistance to chemicals & good flexibility.
Applications Skirting rubber seal, mounting pad, sealing strips, flapping.
Finish Type Both sides smooth finish.
Standard Thickness 6 mm to 50 mm
Standard Length 10 Mtr, 33 Ft, 11 Yard
Standard Width 100 mm to 2000 mm
Technical Specification
Code Colour Density Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation Polymer Abrasion Loss TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2 (min) % (min) mm3
Abra-Skirt 45 Green/Black/Orange 1.18 45 ± 5 120 400 NR/SBR 130-140
Abra-Skirt 50 Yellow-Red 1.20 50 ± 5 100 450 NR/SBR 160-180
Abra-Skirt 55 Black 1.25 55 ± 5 80 350 NR/SBR 180-200
Abra-Skirt 60 Black 1.25 60 ± 5 70 350 NR/SBR 180-200
Abra-Skirt 65 Black 1.35 65 ± 5 60 300 NR/SBR 220-230


  1. Custom width and length is available on request
  2. Custom colours available on request